T-Shirt printing

T-Shirt Printing by Stitchco Ottawa

T-shirts are handy promotional items with events or product designs printed directly onto high quality material. You can use T-shirts to spread your message or show your support for a team. Stitchco can produce your printed T-shirt.

Silk Screening

Silk Screening by Stitchco Ottawa

When you have a message to spread or logo to promote, silk screening gives you high quality resolution on a variety of products. Stitchco can silk screen your design onto any number of products.


Hoodies by Stitchco Ottawa

Hoodies are popular apparel choices for many people. Getting your message or company logo out there on a hoodie can help boost your company’s name recognition. Talk to Stitchco about choices of marking hoodies with embroidery, silk screening or printing.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products by Stitchco Ottawa

Leave-behind or gift promotional products help spread the word about your company’s product or service. Stitchco has a variety of products they can help you select and then add your company’s logo or contact information to keep your message in front of your clients.


Magnets by Stitchco Ottawa

Magnets with your company’s logo or contact information can keep your business in the mind of clients. Make sure you get the quality you want with Stitchco promotional magnets.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing by Stitchco Ottawa

Stitchco can screen print any design or logo onto any product you need! Whether a uniform or promotional item, you can have your design printed with a long-lasting process to keep it looking fresh and professional.


Ball Caps by Stitchco Ottawa

Ball caps are a popular product to promote your business or event. Stitchco can provide top quality caps with your message or logo embroidered, silk screened or printed.


Apparel by Stitchco Ottawa

Clothing for your employees or as promotional items provide you a great opportunity to keep your company or event top of mind. Stitchco can provide you with quality products embroidered, silk screened or printed with your message or logo. Their staff can help you choose the right products for your business or event.


Jackets by Stitchco Ottawa

Stitchco can help you select from a variety of styles of jacket suppliers to use for your company or event planning. Jackets can have your product, service or event logo added with high quality embroidery, silk screening or screen printing.